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Premium Leaf Teas

A superb blend of Organic & Rainforest Alliance certifield Darjeeling teas, uniquely infused with Vitamins A, E, D,C, B1 & B6.

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Just Vitamins & Flavor!

No Microplastics in AMAR Teas!

AMAR teas contain all natural health benefits as well as extraordinary quality and flavor! These wonderful teas are packed in teabags using a renewable biomass material, so 100% biodegradable and compostable. Use code FREE SHIPPING on orders of $35 or more!


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All teas contain minerals and catechins which support good health.

Our bold tasting black teas, offer you the energy boost you desire without the coffee edge.


Our Herbal blends are uniquely combined to create an unforgettable floral infusion.


Our blends are relatively unprocessed. The nutrients from the tea plant remain intact.

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We are commited to our planet. From sourcing to packaging, we are consciously making a difference.

We care not only where our tea comes from, but who it comes from. In addition to being certified organic, DAMRON has also achieved Fair Trade certification for its Harvest Delight and AMAR brands. Our supply chain is truly global, spanning across five different continents.

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Our Blends

We use only the finest tea leaves and herbs...

Tantalizing and sultry, this smooth Rooibos Almond combines vibrant organic rooibos with luxuriously rich and aromatic Almond.

Blueberry Acai is an exotic synergy of tart Acai berries, sweet Blueberries, and gentle Darjeeling organic Green Tea.

This Peach & Pomegranate blend of organic Darjeeling black teas, is enhanced with the sweet flavor of Peaches and Pomegranate.

Our distinctive Ginseng Spice Blend combines organic Peppermint with Ginger, Ginseng and other spices for a potent blend of mental and physical vitality.

Sweet organic Darjeeling Green Tea, adorned with Jasmine flowers, makes our special Jasmine Tea an elegant and refreshing cup, revitalizing mind and body.

The added zest of tingling lemon provides a sensory delight! Boost mind and body whilst you enjoy our wonderfully aromatic Green Tea Lemon & Lime!

Adding the sensual flavor of the renowned Alfonso Mango and vibrant Passion fruit makes our delectable Mango & Passionfruit an amazing basket of sensory delight!

This unique combination of Chamomile & Lavender is a brew of golden whole Chamomile flowers blended with soothing aromatic Lavender buds, along with the crisp bite of a juicy apple.

A cocktail of fragrant Lemon Myrtle, whole green Cardamom pods and subtle nuance of fine Green Rooibos, Mango, Apple, and Peach make this a blend rich with flavor and goodness.

Savor the energy of our Golden Breakfast Blend, and the natural flavor of organic Darjeeling black tea with the malty character and rich cup of Assam.

This truly unique Emperor's Earl Grey is a blend of carefully selected best organic Darjeeling black teas infused with the finest natural Bergamot.

This classic Mountain Chai blends the finest organically grown Darjeeling black teas with the fullness and malty character of true Assam.

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Peach Bellini

by Kimberly Owen

Peach Bellini

Ingredients1 cup brewed AMAR Peach & Pomegranate tea2 oz. peaches ripe2 tbsp. honey4 oz. proseccoInstructions1. Peel the skin off the peaches b...
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Earl Grey Old Fashioned

by Kimberly Owen

Earl Grey Old Fashioned

Ingredients 2 tbsp. brewed AMAR Emperors Earl Grey tea 2 oz. bourbon or rye 1 sugar cube with a splash of water (muddled) 2 dashes angostura bitter...
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